Dr. ClaudiaWolff is a postdoctoral researcher at the Coastal Risks and Sea-Level Rise Research Group at the Geography Department of Kiel University.

Claudia joined the CRSLR group in March 2011 as a scientific assistant and has started her PhD in April 2015. Her PhD research focused on addressing data limitations and uncertainties in broad-scale coastal flood risk assessments. In particular, her thesis (1) addressed data availability, consistency and reproducibility constrains, (2) extended existing data models and increased the level of detail and (3) explored and quantified data uncertainties in broad-scale flood risk studies.

In recent years, Claudia’s research focuses on the assessment of urban exposure to sea-level rise, from continental to national scales. In this context, Claudia developed spatial explicit urban extent projections and is particularly interested in how adaptation planning in the form of landuse planning (e.g. setback zones or retreat) could be an effective measure for reducing future coastal flood risk on a broad-scale, reflecting her strong interest for transformative adaptation solutions. These strategies, aimed at reducing future coastal flood risks on a grand scale, highlight Claudia’s commitment to not just understanding but also exploring transformative forms of adaptation.

Further, she is involved in the development of the global coastal database that underlies the Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) modelling framework and is involved in several applications of the DIVA model at various scales.

Finally, Claudia is involved in the teaching programs of B.Sc. Geography and the M.Sc. Environmental Geography and -management at the Geography Department of Kiel University.