Research Areas

Coastal Impact and Vulnerability Analysis

Sea-level rise is expected to significantly exacerbate the impacts of coastal hazards in the coming years. Potential impacts are expected be significant but uncertain and depend not only on the magnitude of change but also on human response. Our work focuses on assessing the magnitude of these impacts under various climatic and socio-economic scenarios and on evaluating different adaptation options. Central to this work is the further development and application of the DIVA integrated assessment model. In co-operation with colleagues from the Global Climate Forum and the University of Southampton we are developing and maintaining the global coastal database that underpins the DIVA model and  are using DIVA to evaluate future impacts of SLR and potential adaptation options in different regions of the world.

Other ongoing work includes the assessment of exposure to SLR at global and regional scales;  analysis of uncertainties related to global exposure assessments stemming from the use of different input data sources; development of coastal typologies and databases for impact and vulnerability analysis at various scales (from local to regional); and downscaling DIVA for addressing specific adaptation questions at national to local scales.