The overarching goal of the Coastal Climate Core Service (CoCliCo) project, which is funded by the EU Horizon 2020, is to improve decision-making on coastal risk management   and   adaptation,   by   establishing   an integrated   core   service dedicated to coastal adaptation to sea-level rise. To achieve this goal, CoCliCo delivers an open source web-platform, which explores present-day and future coastal risks and their dominant drivers, adjusts visualisation and analysis to local   decision   contexts,   and combines   high-quality   geospatial   information relevant to users. Through the platform, users will be able to visualize, download and analyse multiple decision-oriented coastal risk scenarios.  To meet this challenge, CoCliCo brings together European organizations and scholars that have proven track records of delivering broad-scale coastal risk and adaptation
assessment, as well as leading research  and technologies in interoperable
geospatial data management, decision sciences and risk communication.

Start: 1 September 2021

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